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Inside Alcatraz

My Trip - Part III

Finally we've made it on the island and ready to figure the mystery inside Alcatraz!

Immediately we file like sardines off the ferry and into a crowd on the dock. All 300 visitors gather together to receive a welcome message from an island guide.

For some reason, I felt very much like Harry Potter, ushered into a chaotic yet exciting place.

The man gives a quick 5 minute directions and off we are set to explore on our own. James and I decide to pick up a pamphlet just for a small $1 fee called, Discover Alcatraz - A Tour of the Rock.

The pamphlet includes a beautiful map of the island and information about each monument. We didn't need this to get around with island. But on our trip, it served as our little treasure guide and we were glad we got one.

The island guide also mentioned seeing the other guides about the military history of the island. They were easy enough to spot!

Almost all of the visitors passed up the chance to join this tour and headed straight to the prison halls. Maybe they thought it would be boring but it was anything but.

This tour was about the military history of Alcatraz. The guides are all dressed in military and civil war outfits. They stood around the docks and we were free to walk up to them and ask questions.

At times they were also say things "in character". I loved their enthusiasm and felt like I was playing an RPG game.

I really enjoyed this part of the trip and would highly recommend it. This tour lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Afterwards we headed to the prison audio tour at the top of hill. On the way, we discovered a guide walking into a building. It looked inviting but there were no mention of going in on the map or signs.

But we decided to have a look anyways!

Alas, we discovered a hidden treasure...well it felt like a find anyways! There was a gift shop, a theater, and rooms with historical artifacts and information on the island.

I doubt most people discovered this gem. Visit the maps page to download my free, treasure map!

Strutting along the island we enjoyed the bountiful view. The rubbles of the Post Exchange building, the Guards' living quarters, the gardens, birds, and view of San Francisco.

All these views made Alcatraz a special experience for us. Afterwards, we finally climbed the hill to the audio tour. Now click here to learn exactly what's inside Alcatraz Prison!