Main Attractions of San Francisco Alcatraz Tour

Don't Miss Out On Any of These Attractions on the Island

Please! There is more to the San Francisco Alcatraz tour than the prison!

Most visitors have no idea about the other attractions on the island besides the federal prison, audio tour. It's a shame because knowing about the attractions, helps you enjoy the island's rich history.

There are many spaces and activities on the island that are not advertised at all. And I'm talking about a separate 30 minute tour on military history, loop theater, display rooms, natural elements, and more.

Luckily, you'll know about these attractions and not miss out on your trip to Alcatraz Island! Read about each attraction below:

Alcatraz Bay Birds

You're walking down the hill, there are few people around. And yet you feel like there are many eyes staring at you. Could it be the infamous Alcatraz Ghosts??

Luckily, it's not that sort of thing. It's the many birds that are proudly perched on every corner of the island, watching you-visitors visit their land. Read about the first owners of the island...

Tours of Alcatraz Gardens

Like the birds, throughout the island, you'll see pretty and interesting looking gardens. These flowers weren't naturally found on the barren Rock though. Instead they were grown by the prison guards' wives and children, and later the inmates.

Just why did they start growing these gardens?

Alcatraz Island Lighthouse

The Alcatraz Lighthouse is the first lighthouse built in the West Coast. It stands as a guide to the San Francisco bay. On the platform, you can find the best sights on the San Francisco Alcatraz tour.

Military Prison Alcatraz

Before there was a Federal Prison, there was a military fortress and military prison. And there's actually a 30-60 min. tour of military history!

The tour is included in your ticket. Listen to the history and very cool "in character" performances by the park guides. See the different displays and artifacts. Ask the guide questions. In other words...

Alcatraz Prison Tours

The cake of your trip is, of course, the federal prison audio tour. The audio tour is frankly the best I've experienced.

Narrated/recalled by the inmates themselves, events were brought to life. You'll visit areas like their cells, yard, cafeteria, the "hole", library. You'll learn about the famous inmates such as Al Capone, Creepy Karpas, Robert Shroud (the Birdman), and more.

Alcatraz Swim Events

You know about the escapes from Alcatraz? Some escapees were never found. Were they able to make it across the icy currents of the bay?

Well, we don't know if they ever made it. But modern day people are ready to prove that they can swim from Alcatraz to the SF shores, no problem!

Alcatraz Prison Souvenirs

Okay, the gift shops aren't actual attractions. But...they do have a lot of cool stuff and are built in the prison themselves.

There are more than one. I've seen three shops total. Want a metal, inmate cup? How about a rock from the island? I'm definitely going for the movies on Alcatraz!

Enjoy your San Francisco Alcatraz Tour!